Rental Terms & Condition

1.- Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the I.F.D.E.S Lodge of Gilroy, its officers, members and directors against any and all claims, liabilities, loss and expenses incurred by reason of injury to person or property of the following. A) Any act or omission of the Renter, its guests, or anyone holding premises as sublet to the renter. B) Any use, activity or occupancy of the premises and parking lot during the rental period. Renter accepts and agrees to accept the current state and conditions of the premises and/or parking lot during rental period as his total liability.

2.- Renter shall be responsible to the Lessor for any damages which occurred during the period of rental.

3.- Premises, including parking lot, shall be returned in the same clean condition as received. Floors inside and out must be swept, trash put in the garbage cans. If this is not done there will be a $25.00 per hour clean-up charge .

4.- A deposit of half (1/2) of the rental fee for each day reserved is due upon signing this contract.

5.- Balance of rental fees and damage/cleaning deposit of $500.00 must be paid three (3) weeks prior to event. Damage/Cleaning deposit to be refunded if hall is clean, no damage occurs and there are no missing items.
Deposit will be returned with 15 days from use of facility. YOU MAY NOT HANG ANYTHING ON WALLS, LIGHTS, CEILING OR SPRINKLER HEADS. NO TAPE/NAILS ETC.

6.- If renter cancels event, he shall forfeit deposit.

7.- I.F.D.E.S. reserves the right to cancel any reservation within 30 days of rental date, deposit to be refund.

8.- A certificate of Insurance must be provided in the amount of $1, 000,000.00 naming I.F.D.E.S. as “Additional Insured” three (3) weeks prior the event.

9.- All beverages, alcohol and non-alcohol are to be purchased from I.F.D.E.S. (THERE IS A BAR MINIMUM CONSUME OF $300.00). If renter or guests bring any alcoholic beverages to the hall, this will be grounds to shut down the facility and no monies will be refunded to the Renter. (Renter may have non-alcoholic beverages while they are setting up for the event. Once the event starts, then any and all beverage consumed thereafter must be purchased from the hall). There is no alcoholic beverage served to minors and if anyone is caught giving alcoholic beverages to minors the will be asked to leave and the facility may shut down.

10.- I.F.D.E.S. requires at least 2 security guards at a rate of $20.00 per hour per guard, more may be required depending on the number of people attending function. Security must arrive 1/2 hour before events starts and remain until everyone has left the premises.

11.- Rental period is from 7:00am of the rental to 1: 00am the next day. Once key is provided to Renter, he/she is responsible for opening facility, turning off heating/air conditioner, lights and locking up facility including front gate.


13.- In the event of failure to comply hereof by the Renter, the Lessor may sue and recover the same, together with court cost and a reasonable attorney’s fee, to be fixed by the court.